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Additional Services

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Customer Relationship Management Services (CRM)

Every business needs a professional executive to help customers understand the purpose of the products and services or manage their grievances. DPIT builds CRM system software to help the executive follow up and provide the customer with appropriate information.

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On-demand IT Services

This service was introduced in the IT industry as a more simplified and convenient system for helping the customers to complete a transactional process on their own. These services are used to automate the manual system the executive staff used. DPIT designs and builds this software for its clients according to their requirements.

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Recruitment Services

IT solutions improvise the standard system of working into an innovative system. From training an interviewee to editing the complete profile of an applicant, everything can be edited in the software. DPIT provides this service for making the recruitment process more efficient and simple.

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Payment Gateway Integration

For processing online payments using credit/debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, etc. a website or an application needs to have an authorized payment gateway integrated for e-commerce. DPIT includes the integration of payment gateway apart from developing a website or mobile application.

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CCTV/Biometric System

Security comes as the top priority for any organization whether it is a large-scale industry or small economic industry. DPIT provides CCTV and biometric system installation at feasible rates.

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Digital Visiting Card

Switching to a digital visiting card is not only a step towards digital change but also a convenient method for sharing business details and getting in contact with a single touch. The pace at which businesses are growing, a simple card cannot contain all those social media handles, YouTube channels, contact information, etc. whereas a digital visiting card can provide access to sufficient information. It is one of the newer services DPIT has undertaken as part of the digital solution.

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Database Management System

This system is used to generate leads for various purposes, be it for customer service, research prospects, or holding large amounts of data. DPIT handles all of these data for its clients and manages the system as per the requirements.