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Digital Marketing


To stay ahead of the curve, a website should be visible on the first page of the most used and highly popular search engine – Google. DPIT guarantees high traffic on Google to its clients.

SEO is a prolonged process targeted to maintain a high ranking position of a website on Google. It benefits the website for having the highest number of hits and being used the most for serving its purpose. This in return generates substantial revenue for the company. As one of the top SEO companies in India, our success speaks about our determination to provide best internet marketing solutions and us a trusted organization with a loyal client database.

Types Of SEO Services

Ranking You on the Top

Local SEO

Optimizing the brand or product promotion for local area marketing.

Ecommerce SEO

Optimization carried out for brands or products that only work online.

International SEO

Optimizing brands and products for geo-targeted audience or presenting internationally.

Online/Offline SEO

One way of optimizing brands or products is through updates on client’s website also known as online SEO.


Platforms That Make You Grow

Facebook Ads

One of the most used social platforms by all age groups becomes the primary spot for placing brand our product advertisements.

Instagram Ads

Reaching out to the young guns and making them aware of a brand or product is like laying the foundation of progress for future endeavours.

Twitter Ads

Making the magic happen with only few words and more.

LinkedIn Ads

Giving the brand or product a professional face cut.

Media Planning

Advertisement of a brand or product through various mediums improves the market curve for any firm. The advertisements do not have to necessarily be brand or product promotion but can also be reminder ads, awareness campaigns etc.


Creating eye catching advertisements that persuades users to click it and get redirected to the client's website for more information. PPC advertisements generate revenue on every click and also indicate the users in the brand or product.

Display Ads

The most attention grabbing and informative advertisements are display ads. Flyers, banners, brochures, poster advertisements provide information and give space for high graphical representations. These means of advertisements have also gone digital. DPIT delivers these high quality advertisement services digitally and non-digital.

Search Ads

To be seen or to be searched – which one would you prefer? Search engine results are based on keywords and your brand or product would be on top only if the search results match. Using search result advertisements being seen on the top of a search engine guarantees more interaction with your brand or product. Our team at DPIT helps your brand grow through every means of advertisement.

YouTube Ads

Visual advertisements convey a lot about the brand or product of an organization. YouTube is one of the most used platforms for entertainment and having advertisements on it certainly reaches out to the audience. Many may dislike it but the target audience receives the message. We make things happen on every platform for the promotion of a product or brand development.

Remarketing Ads

Since you visited ‘this’…we have something that might interest you” is the new way of marketing. The brand connects with the audience through their choices and subscriptions in order to provide the core consumer with the best option. At DPIT, we gather information on the preferences of a consumer and display advertisements according to their penchant.

App Ads

Certain advertisements work beautifully on cellular devices due its appearance, functionalities, techniques for promotion and a lot more. We at DPIT promote your brand or product via cellular devices as well.

Online Reputation Management

For a business to flourish the brand needs to be recognized by the audience. The consumers’ recognition gives value to both – the brand and the pioneer who established the business. Every type of business has its own challenges to manage its reputation. DPIT offers services to manage online reputation. DPIT services include reputation management for both – the company and interpersonal (CXOs) reputation.

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Company Reputation Management

The brand value of business makes the company one of the most reputable and trusted entity in the market. There are various methods used to increase the brand value of an organization and we build the best rapport for our clients.

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Personal Reputation Management

Similar to brand value, shaping the perception of the audience about the founder of an organization is important as it reflects the persona of the brand. Our team at DPIT mould the image of the persona to build a good impression in the minds of the people.

Mobile Marketing

A special technique used by marketers to reach the audience on any cellular device through SMSs, emails, social media or mobile applications. DPIT provides this service if the client is interested in using mobile marketing for brand or product promotion.

Bluetick Verification

Verified users or pages gain more trust and reach on social media. We at DPIT help you save time on becoming a trusted entity. Our services include verification for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Affiliate Marketing

Promotion of a brand or product through our brand. The latest technique of promotion is to affiliate with top brands and grab the attention of the target audience. Being a conglomerate promotion of your brand or product through DPIT’s service will grab decent attention from core consumers.

Influencer Marketing

Considered as one of the most difficult and costly methods of marketing a decade ago is now the most used marketing technique on social media. With the rise of various influential people on social media other than celebrities this technique has turned a new leaf in marketing.